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​​🔥Bifrost is airdropping upto 1,000 BFCK for social tasks
-  Click the URL to copy to clipboard Telegram Bot.
-  Join their group from bot and leave a constructive message to get 10 Points.
-  Visit the Bifrost Airdrop form and complete the task of +3 posts on social media to get up to 1,000 BFCK.
-  Use /link in bot to get your referral link.
-  Invite friends to get 500 Points for each referral.
-  Every month your Points will be converted into BFCK.
-  You can check your earned BFCK on Klaytn using /wallet in bot.
-  You will be able to convert Klaytn-based BFCK into ERC20 based BFC in the Bifrost Wallet, which will be launched in late 2020.
-  Get more details from this Official Post.

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More about Bifrost

✅Bifrost is a multichain middleware platform that enables developers to use multiple blockchain protocols simultaneously and seamlessly. With Bifrost, developers can select and combine the best suited blockchains to develop a substantially more scalable and flexible DApps on a whole new blockchain ecosystem. BiFi (short for Bifrost Finance) will be the first DeFi DApp that showcases the potential of Bifrost.

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