CFX Quantum Airdrop

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Required tools:
🔥 📈 10 CFXQ = $0.6

-  Start Chat with Telegram bot 
-  Create an account at LaToken Exchange 
-  Submit your Email to the bot that you used for signing up to the Latoken Exchange.
-  Click "Join & follow us" and complete social tasks. 
-  You will get 10 CFXQ tokens.
-  Buy 100 CFXQ in IEO on LATOKEN and get +100 CFXQ as a reward for your purchase.
-  Also, earn 50 CFXQ ($3) for each referral.
-  Airdrop ends on 30.09.2020

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More about CFX Quantum

CFX QUANTUM brings a disruptive ecosystem for investors, based on Quantum and Blockchain technology. A major alliance between 30+ years of market experts, algo creators and the tech giant Fujitsu corp with their pre-quantum chip and university research Center. CFX Quantum brings you a wallet and exchange where the user can BUY, STORE, and EXCHANGE crypto and CFXQ tokens with a few clicks using fiat currency via credit/debit card.CFX QUANTUM gives you all the functionality to send, receive and control the value of a portfolio of major cryptos, the CFXQ Token and a special credit token for the Ambassadors of ATS Sharing co.The wallet uses the most modern security requirements for mobile like fingerprint and pin access. Private keys are not stored within the app, so losing the phone or a hack will not harm your account.

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