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Required tools:
🔥Crypto Academy 📈7 CAC = $7

-  Start chat with Telegram bot 
-  Create an account at LaToken Exchange 
-  Submit your Email to the bot that you used for signing up to the Latoken Exchange.
-  Click "Join & follow us" and complete social tasks. 
-  Click "Quiz" and answer all questions. (Answers below)
✔️1. 9000000
✔️2. 2
✔️3. 3000000
✔️4. 3
✔️5. 18
-  You will get 7 CAC ($7) tokens.
-  Buy 5 CAC and get 5 CAC as a bonus.
-  Also, earn 1 CAC for each referral.
-  Airdrop ends on 27.09.2020

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More about Crypto Academy

Smart Crypto Academy is a Cryptocurrency Trading Educational Institution from beginner level to Expert / MASTER level. A Legal Entity Foundation engaged in the field of education and social with the name SOCIAL CRYPTO ACADEMY Foundation.

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