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Required tools:
How to join?
-  Sign up at EFIN Exchange  and verify your email address.
- Login into dashboard.
-  Complete 10 easy trades to receive 1000 EFIN coins.
-  Also invite friends to earn additional 50,000 EFIN coins for each referral.
-  Also earn 500,000 more EFIN coins when partner upgrades to platinum.
-  Maybe you will also signup for a EFIN partnership (€295) and invest in the best DEX exchange available

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More about eFIN

eFIN is the world's first cross-chain DEX designed for ease-of-use. The Easy Trade feature allows for seamless one-click trading. Similar to ShapeShift, but completely decentralized and Tor network driven for maximum privacy. While ShapeShift charges nearly 2% fees, trading on eFIN is free for most users. Join now for more details!

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