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Required tools:
🔥MiracleTele Ongoing🔥 90 TELE ~ $10.8

-  Sign up at Miracle Tele website
-  Verify email address and login to site.
-  In the dashboard click ‘airdrop campaign’ and complete all the tasks.
-  Spread your word to friends and family to earn more 10 TELE tokens on every successful referral.
-  You can earn more TELE tokens with biweekly token holder rewards. Current monthly rewards rate is €2.10 for every 100 TELE that you stack
-  In your dachboard, click on ''tokens'', click on ''stack'' and ''Add tokens to the stack''.
-  Note that you need TELE tokens to join the holders reward. If you joined previous airdrops, you should have TELE tokens on your account.
-  Current monthly rewards rate is €2.10 for every 100 TELE that you stack.
-  The status of your tokens should update to ''Earning rewards

Bounty Campaign
🔥MiracleTele Bounty 📈  1,250,000 TELE
-  Signature campaign: 500,000 TELE (40%)
-  Facebook campaign: 250,000 TELE (20%)
-  Twitter campaign: 200,000 TELE (16%)
-  Content campaign: 150,000 TELE (12%)
-  Telegram stickers campaign: 100,000 TELE (8%)
-  Translation campaign: 50,000 TELE (4%)
-  The bounty campaign will last two months and will end on 28 May 2019.

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More about Miracle Tele

OWN THE MOBILE NETWORK YOU USE AND GET REWARDED FOR IT The world's first fully-functional blockchain telecom system where users enjoy quality mobile and data services all over the world and profit from the telco network growth

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