Multimine Bounty Airdrop

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Required tools:
🔥Multimine Bounty📈   Bounty pool a total of $50.000 ETH

-  Register an account at Multimine.
-  Join Multimine Telegram Channel
-  Follow Multimine on Twitter 
-  Follow Multimine on Facebook
-  Multimine provides several Bounty Campaigns 
. Perform bounties to earn at least $50 in ETH.

Types of bounty campaign:
Twitter : $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted tweet, like, reply and retweet.
Facebook : $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted post, like, comment and share.
Telegram : $0.25 in Ethereum per accepted post in our telegram channel.
TrustPilot :  $0.50 in Ethereum per accepted review.
You-Tube : $2 – $40 in Ethereum per accepted video review depending on the video review quality.
Google ads : +20% in your total Google ads cost.  Maximum of $500 worth of rewards only
Blog Post :  $2 – $40 in Ethereum per accepted blog post depending on the quality.

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More about Multimine Bounty

🚀 The Multimine bounty program ( invites crypto enthusiasts around the world to help us expand our community by letting more people learn more about Multimine cloud mining services while also supporting our platform development. The attendees who have completed the bounty program within the framework of the rules specified for different channels will be rewarded generously with open arms.

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