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🔥Vox Finance Contest join and win part of a pool of USD $5,000 in $VOXb!

🔘Register with your email, input your BSC address.
🔘Verify your email 
🔘Join them on Telegram 
🔘Join their Telegram Channel  
🔘Similarly, complete the optional tasks and earn more points
🔘Share your referral link and earn more points!
🔘Airdrop ends on 12.05.2021
• Top 1 will receive 6.10 $VOXb
• Top 2 will receive 6.07 $VOXb
• Top 3 will receive 2.12 $VOXb
• Top 4 will receive 1.21 $VOXb
• Top 5 will receive 0.91 $VOXb
• Top 6 will receive 0.6 $VOXb
• Top 7-10 will receive 0.3 $VOXb each.
• Top 11 – 2000 will receive 0.006 $VOXb each.
• Top 2001-2500 will receive 0.003 $VOXb each.

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More about Vox Finance Contest

Vox.Finance is an innovative DeFi project created by independent developers that seeks to revolutionize the market by providing a community-led approach.

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