Earning Passive Income First Decentralized Casino

What is EarnBet?Earnbet is the first decentralized Casino built on the Wax Blockchain, a sister-chain of EOS.It started off on the Ethereum Blockchain, then moved to the Eos blockchain back in August 2018, and now, because of the CPU problems of the Eos blockchain (caused by the EIDOS token mining), is currently on the Wax blockchain.On EarnBe..

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Latest News on Mining

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops More Than Estimated

Starting today, mining Bitcoin (BTC) has become easier than in the end of April.On Wednesday morning (UTC time), BTC mining difficulty, a measure showing how hard it is to compete for mining rewards, dropped by 6%, to 15.14 T, while a week ago, some analysts estimated a c. 2% drop. In April, difficulty increased from 13.91 T to 14.72 T and then to ..

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Earning Passive Income

Fairspin: A win-win blockchain case

Fairspin Blockchain CasinoFairspin is the world’s first online casino combining blockchain tech with classic casino experience. By using a complex tech solution provided by the TruePlay platform, Fairspin ensures blockchain-powered transparency and security of transactions while offering popular games from leading providers. Deposits and payouts ..

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Latest News on Mining

Post-Halving Reality: 17% Of Miner Revenue is Coming From Fees

In the post-halving reality, Bitcoin miners revenue has dropped by over 60 percent.With the block reward cut in half, miners are relying on Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees to sustain themselves to a much greater extent.Miners lost 61% of their revenueMay 10, miners earned 2188 BTC, May 12, this number fell to 852 BTC — a 61% drop. The halving of t..

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